Hello there, it’s Margaret! To welcome new students to the college we’re asking you (as well as current students, alums, and staff) the question of “What’s in your bag?”

   During the school year, my iPod is with me constantly, providing music to dash to class to, with a mug of tea in hand thinking about the snack in my bag I’m supposed to be saving for later. And for the sake of all involved, always remember your onecard (I had issues with that).

   But going to Mount Holyoke has given me some new things to put in my bag that aren’t so easy to see. I have a new critical thinking cap when looking at and discussing issues. I have a new found bravery and self confidence that I am sad to say I didn’t have in high school.

   So once again, we put the question to you. What’s in your bag? Is there something you’re looking for as you come into Mount Holyoke or are you a recent alum going out into the world with new skills learned?

Or you know, a snack for when you get hungry while changing the world.