Hello! I’m Jennie, one of the Archives assistants.  My bag contains things that sustain me- literature focused around others’ struggles and my own, roasted soy nuts, mango green tea, and makeup (which I consider a unique art form!) One of the books I have here is “Fat!So?,” a fat activism 101 book that, although problematic, was one of my first exposures to fat liberation. I also have “Gender Outlaws,” by Kate Bornstein, who I recently saw speak at Hampshire College. The last book is about queer and feminist archiving.

The contents of my bag are things that I carry around on a daily basis to live my life as an athlete, student, and activist. My bag will change over time, just as I empty out the contents every night to pack for the next day. I know Mount Holyoke College has given me the tools to use what’s in my bag to dismantle oppressive systems and continue to examine my own privileges.